App-V installation issues

Hi guys,

Been busy today with the installation and configuration of the App-V management console and sequencer.

The complete installation guide can be downloaded here.

During the installation i’ve encountered several errors. These errors are explained in the next paragraphs.

  • error 25109 The installation program could not create the configuration data store:

During the installation of the App-V management console be sure to select for the administrator and user groups at least the “Domain Admins” group. If you don’t select this group you’ll certainly encounter this error. So be aware. (i’ve assumed youre server is in a domain and not a workgroup enviroment).

  • 25120 The installation program was unable to create the required IIS Virtual Directory:


 This error i’ve encountered a bit further on in the installation. This one got me baffled for a while.  While searching on the internet for a solution to this error I got 99% of the time the solution to install the IIS6 compatibility role under W2K8 R2. After I did this I still received the error. Uninstalled IIS and .NET3.5 and rebooted the server. Reinstalled IIS with IIS7 and IIs6 compatiblity role and after this the .NET3.5 feature. Still no joy.

After an extensive search again on the net I found a site which had the error stated and a user had posted that instead of the IIS6 compatibility role he installed the IIS7 “IIS management and script tools”. This did the trick for me and i could install the App-V management console.

I hope when someone recieves this error and takes a look at this blog it helps him or her faster then the time i’ve spent on resolving this error.

For now I’ll try and configure an application.

I’ll keep you posted with the progress.

For now greetz,


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