Microsoft make changes to Core CAL Licensing

Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) 2011 is bringing announcement of a number of things such as new versions of System Center products, deeper integration between Microsoft products and, also Licensing.

Most Microsoft server products require a CAL (Client Access Licence) for each User/Device accessing the server software. To help reduce cost and licensing complexity, Microsoft offer 2 bundles that contain a number of these CALs: dsd

Core CAL
Enterprise CAL


The different products contained within have been, for some time:


 but not any more!

Core CAL will now include:

Lync Std CAL

Forefront Endpoint Protection

Notice that it is only Forefront Endpoint Protection that is being added to the Core CAL, if organizations require the other parts of the suite, they will still need to look at the Enterprise CAL.


Core CAL for the future


That is what the updated Core CAL will look like and these changes are going to take effect from the August 2011 price file. This will also see a slight increase in the price of the Core CAL, due to it’s increased product range.

Why do this?

The way people and companies use technology is changing, particularly there is a rapid increase in the use of Instant Messaging & Presence within organisations. Gartner say:

“By 2013, 95% of workers in Global 100 organizations will use the IM client as their primary interface for computer-based, real-time communications”

Microsoft are making it easier and more cost effective for organizations of ALL sizes to embrace these new technologies and reap the benefits they bring.

These changes are now reflected on the Microsoft site here:

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