Unnamed VM could not initialize

Hi guys,

I just had a “nice” encounter with my Hyper-V server. I rebooted the Hyper-V host and i got on all servers the error “unnamed VM could not initialize”. Now i hear you think “he restored the VM’s” or “he replaced the disk where the VM’s are stored” but nothing is true. I just rebooted it because the server was up and running for 200 days and i found it a good time to restart the server.

Why did i do this, never stop a good running server!!!!!

Well, after a bit surfing on the internet i found the solution:

You can use the icacls command to grant the permission:

Grant full access to the virtual machine’s security identity using the command:

icacls “%SYSTEMDRIVE%ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsHyper-VVirtual Machinesbefde5dd-dc82-4575-9ca7-57625301ccb9.xml” /grant “NT VIRTUAL MACHINEbefde5dd-dc82-4575-9ca7-57625301ccb9”:F /l, then you should be able to run the VM properly.

Note: Please replace the “befde5dd-dc82-4575-9ca7-57625301ccb9” with the GUID of the specific VM you want to grant.

Now i just need to do this for about 30 servers…….

Until next time.



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