How to add a new or rebuilt cluster node to SCVMM 2008

If you are adding a new node to an existing cluster that is being managed by System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (SCVMM), or if you had to rebuild a node of a cluster and need to add it back, here are the steps that are required:

First, here is the existing cluster:


We will add one more node so that we have nodes:


Next go to the SCVMM server and run a refresh:


Once the refresh is done we will see the new node in a pending state:


Next, right-click on the node and select “add to host cluster”:


Once the node is added you will see both nodeshosts back in SCVMM console as a cluster:


Note that when we add the host to SCVMM it installs the agent remotely onto it automatically. For Windows Server 2008 (except Core) we can install the client from the GUI manually if required. See for more details. If you are using Windows Server 2008 Core you will need to follow the method below to install the SCVMM agent:

1. Install the VC Redist first, which is located on the SCVMM disk at : [DVD]prerequisitesVCRedist

2. Install the SCVMM agent by launching the following MSI command:

For 64-bit OS, msiexec.exe –I [DVD drive]amd64msiAgentvmmAgent.msi;

For 32-bit OS, msiexec.exe –I [DVD drive]i386msiAgentvmmAgent.msi;

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