How do i know if SP1 for Office 2010 is installed?

After SP1 for Office 2010 is installed it is not directly noticeable that it was installed.

Below are a few screenshots of which you can see that SP1 is installed.

When you look at the version number, inĀ this caseĀ 14.0.6023.1000, you will find no referral to a service pack level. To see this you’ll need to click on “Additional version and copyright information”. Now the help, about screen. This does show the Service Pack level.

2 thoughts on “How do i know if SP1 for Office 2010 is installed?”

  1. yeah right!!! But where can you see that “About”?

    In Office 2010 that simple information is missing. I went to FILE >> HELP >> and in the right section is the install information – but where is the “SP1”?

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