One way file replication possible?

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Been busy at work with getting a one-way file replication to work. At last i found a MS article which states it is a best practice. How to set it up? Check these steps:

Is it a best practice to configure one-way File Replication Service (FRS) replication between DFS link targets?

Yes, FRS does support one–way replication between link targets. However, you must be aware of the following caveats for using one–way replication:

  • To keep the content on all link targets consistent, you must ensure that no changes occur on any servers without outbound FRS connections, because those changes will not be replicated to other servers. In addition, FRS will not update the modified files with changes made on other servers. For example, if Server1 has no outbound connections, and someone changes File1.doc on Server1, the updated version of File1.doc is never replicated to another server. If someone later makes a change to File1.doc on Server2, those changes will not be applied to File1.doc on Server1. To prevent this occurrence, we recommend that you set up share permissions to prevent users from making changes and advise administrators who log on locally to the server to avoid making changes to the files.
  • Servers without outbound connections will still create change orders in their outbound logs for changes they receive. These change orders and their associated staging files will be kept for seven days by default. You can adjust this duration by modifying the Outlog Change History In Minutes registry entry. To do this, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 221111, Description of FRS entries in the registry.
  • When setting up one-way replication, use the following best practices:
  • Make sure you select the desired initial master in the Configure Replication wizard. The initial master’s files will be replicated to the other members.
  • Create a two-way replication topology first, and then remove connections as needed to set up one-way replication between two members.
  • Make inbound-only replica link targets read-only and warn administrators about modifying content in inbound-only link targets. Do not provide links to read/write shares to clients.
  • Configure outlog retention on inbound-only servers.

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