Citrix XenApp 6.5 beta exam **Updated**

Hi guys,

As of now you can register at PearsonVue for the Citrix XenApp 6.5 beta exam. Only thing you have to do is logon to the PearsonVue website, register as a user with your citrix ID (if you already have a citrix certification you have it) and register for the free exam (examcode 1Y1-A20). There is no need of a voucher.

I’ve registered for it and naturally searching for learning materials.

This is what I’ve found already. If you have other learning materials let me know and i’ll update this post and be gratefull for your contribution.

Download iso:




** Update 20-10-2011**

After waiting 4,5 hours yesterday for testcenter @ the Academy to get their exam server working I went home without taking the exam. I now need to reschedule the exam on another day. Hopefully I can take the exam.

Keep you posted on when I’m scheduled now….

** end of update **

** Update 30-10-2011**

Hi guys,

My exam is now scheduled for november 2nd. Let’s hope the servers are up and running on this date.

** End of update  **

Until next time.



7 thoughts on “Citrix XenApp 6.5 beta exam **Updated**”

  1. I have a PearsonVue for the Citrix account but its not showing the exam code (A20 Citrix XenApp 6.5 ) in my account.
    I am from India.

    Thanks in advance

    1. He Rachid,

      I have the exam on the 19th this month. So, i’ll keep you posted. Did you hear the results after the exam or after a few weeks?


      BTW, you’re welcome. Always glad to help people.

  2. Jack,

    So how was the test? I am going to take mine on Nov 2nd.

    I’m curious to have feedback from somebody that took it already.

    Not looking for questions or answers. Just wondering how complex the test was, how many questions, was there simulations, and studying the eDocs XA 6.5 material suffice to pass in your opinion?


    1. Hello,

      Because off problems with the exam server at my testing centre I couldn’t take the test yesterday. After 4,5 hours of waiting the problem wasn’t fixed so I rescheduled. I’ll know today when i’ll take the exam now.
      What I’ve heard so far is that 207 questions will be asked. I don’t know if the provided lecture is sufficient. I”ll keep you posted.

  3. Jack,

    Good luck on your test. I hope you get passing score. Now you just have to be patient for the results. It may take up to a month for them to tabulate and give out results.

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