Install steps Windows 8 Server as VM

Hi guys,

As promised earlier today here’s a post how to install Windows 8 Server in a Virtual Machine. I’ve used the following specs for the VM:

Processor: 1 2,4 GHZ Xeon

Memory:1024 MB

Harddisk: 60GB

Mounted preview server ISO and booted from ISO.

1. Select the language settings and select next

2. Select “Install” to start the installation

3. Select one of the versions of Windows 8 (I selected the first version)

4. Accept the license agreement and select next

5. Select Custom (advanced)

6. Select the disk where you want to install it on

7. After installation and a reboot this screen appears

8. Choose a password and continue

9. And you’re done. Ready to logon and use your server.

Here are some screenshots of the new and improved server manager:

And here are some screenshots of the new Metro skin:

If you want to boot Windows 8 from a vhd file check out these posts:



Hope you found this usefull and please leave a message if you like (or dislike) this post.



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