Windows 8 SMB 2.2 File Sharing Performance

Hi guys,

I found this white paper about the new SMB 2.2 protocol which Microsoft uses in the new Windows 8 OS.

This paper provides a preliminary analysis of the performance capabilities of the Server Message Block (SMB) 2.2 file sharing protocol with 10 gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The Multi-Channel feature, introduced with SMB 2.2 in Windows Developer Preview, enables the use of multiple physical network interfaces in an SMB 2.2 client and server. This paper assumes the reader is familiar with the basics of SMB file sharing, networking technologies, and file system performance measurement with the Iometer tool.

This information applies for the following operating systems:
Windows Developer Preview
Windows Server Developer Preview

Included in this white paper:

Hardware Shifts and Trends
Targeted Workloads
SMB Connection Scaling
Multi-Channel Performance (Preliminary)

Enjoy reading.

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