Citrix HDX monitor 2.0

Hi guys,

Citrix has released version 2.0 off their HDX monitor December 29th of last year. Here’s a little bit of info what this tool can do and at the end there’s a link to the download page.

The HDX Monitor 2.0 tool is used to validate the operation and configuration of key features of XenDesktop’s and XenApp’s HDX stack including the latest HDX MediaStream for Flash and HDX RealTime features. Consequently, this tool can also help you diagnose and troubleshoot HDX issues. For example, it detects when multimedia redirection is in use and if your endpoint device supports it. It also can tell you what audio codec you are using and its bitrate.

If you’ve used HDX Monitor in the past then you’ll be happy to note some significant new improvements. HDX Monitor 2.0 now has the ability to diagnose XenApp and XenDesktop (VDI) sessions. This is done via the new WMI diagnostics interface provided in the recently released XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop 5.5. Also, HDX Monitor 2.0 can analyze VDI sessions remotely from any machine in the domain.

Unfortunately, this means this version of HDX Monitor is not backward compatible with previous versions of XenApp and XenDesktop.

The HDX Monitor 2.0 is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. Citrix makes no commitment to provide support for this tool.

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