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With all the Windows 8 consumer preview you would almost forget that Microsoft has released a System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager RC – Evaluation (VHD) today.

You can download all 12 parts here.

System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager delivers industry leading fabric management, virtual machine management and services deployment in private cloud environments. System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager offers key new features that include hypervisor creation and management, network management, storage management, private cloud creation, self-service usage and service creation. It features deep investments in server application virtualization, service design and service modeling all of which can be used to efficiently offer an on-premises private cloud.
Feature Summary

  • Fabric Management
    • Hyper-V and Cluster Lifecycle Management – Deploy Hyper-V to bare metal server, create Hyper-V clusters, orchestrate patching of a Hyper-V Cluster
    • Third Party Virtualization Platforms – Add and Manage Citrix XenServer and VMware ESX Hosts and Clusters
    • Network Management – Manage IP Address Pools, MAC Address Pools and Load Balancers
    • Storage Management – Classify storage, Manage Storage Pools and LUNs
  • Resource Optimization
    • Dynamic Optimization – proactively balance the load of VMs across a cluster
    • Power Optimization – schedule power savings to use the right number of hosts to run your workloads – power the rest off until they are needed
    • PRO – integrate with System Center Operations Manager to respond to application-level performance monitors
  • Cloud Management
    • Abstract server, network and storage resources into private clouds
    • Delegate access to private clouds with control of capacity, capabilities and user quotas
    • Enable self-service usage for application administrator to author, deploy, manage and decommission applications in the private cloud
  • Service Lifecycle Management
    • Define service templates to create sets of connected virtual machines, os images and applica tion packages
    • Compose operating system images and applications during service deployment
    • Scale out the number of virtual machines in a service
    • Service performance and health monitoring integrated with System Center Operations Manager
    • Decouple OS image and application updates through image-based servicing
    • Leverage powerful application virtualization technologies such as Server App-V


  1. Download the self-extracting VMM.EVALVHD.RC.part01.exe file and the all other “.rar” files
  2. Download the “Evaluating System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager by Using a Pre-Configured VHD.docx step-by-step instructions for how to use the VHD to create a virtual machine
  3. Place all downloaded files in the same directory
  4. Double-click the self-extracting VMM.EVALVHD.RC.part01.exe file to extract the VHD file
  5. Follow the instructions on the “Evaluating System Center 2012 – Virtual Machine Manager by Using a Pre-Configured VHD.docx” file to complete the setup of VMM

And ENJOY this fine new upcoming version of SCVMM 2012.

2 thoughts on “System Center 2012 VHD”

  1. Will SCVMM-RC 2012 support managing Server 8 Hyper V host servers? In the previous release of SCVMM 2012 there was no way to manage the Server 8 hypervisor.

  2. I haven’t tested this yet myself. But you can download the beta from the MS site and test it of this works. But I suspect that MS will either have this working by now or it will support Windows 8 by the time SCVMM 2012 is RTM.

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