Installing Citrix XenServer 6.0.2 hotfixes

When you have XenServer 6.0.2 installed before they pulled it from the download site (like me) you can choose to either re-install the new version ( or to download the 2 hotfixes Citrix has released. I choose the latter and I‘ll show you how you can install and upload the hotfixes to your XenServer.

First of all download the 2 hotfixes (XS602E001 and XS602E002) from the Citrix download page. Save the 2 files to a location of your choice.

For the best results and the least problems it’s best to update the XenServer 1 update at a time. So select 1 update per run.

Open XenCenter and go to “Tools’ and “Install software update”.

Click “Next” on the first screen to select the update.

install 01

Click “Add” to open the dialogbox to select the update.

install 02

Select the update (start with the XS602E001) and  select “Open”.

install 03

Click next to continue the upload of the update.

install 04

Select the XenServer you want to update. If you have multiple XenServers select to servers you want to upgrade and click “Next” to continue.

install 05

The upload screen appears.

install 06

Pre-upgrade checks are being run. If any problems appear please solve these issues and try again. If no issues occur click “Next” to continue the upgrade.

install 07

Upgrade is started. XenServer will be rebooted prior to starting the real upgrade.

install 08

Upgrade process is shown.

install 09

XenServer agent is restarted, please reconnect to XenCenter.

install 10

Upgrade is finished. Click “Finish” to close the upgrade screen.

install 11

Repeat the previous steps to install the XS602E002 patch.

Hope this step-by-step guide helped you with the install and upgrade of your XenServer to the latest version.

If you have questions or remarks please leave a message and I’ll respond.

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