Advanced Farm Administration with XenApp Worker Groups

Citrix has released a great document on the advanced farm administration with XenApp worker groups.

Here’s a preview of the document.

The release of XenApp 6 adds powerful new features for XenApp administrators through integration with Active Directory (AD). All user and server settings can now be managed through AD policies, while applications and load balancing can be managed through a new container known as a worker group.

Worker groups allow similar XenApp servers to be grouped together to greatly simplify the management of XenApp farms. By publishing applications and managing server settings via AD and worker groups, administrators can reduce the time to deploy new XenApp servers and increase the agility of their environment.

In this white paper, we consider a fictitious company with a large, geographically-distributed XenApp farm. This company must deliver applications to two distinct groups of users with different needs. This white paper outlines the new worker group features in XenApp 6 and shows how any company can leverage worker groups to simplify their farm management. Throughout the paper, we detail the best practices for creating and managing worker groups and how these can be applied in an enterprise XenApp deployment.

You can download the document here.

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