Thinkiosk 2.0 released

Andrew Morgan has released the 2nd version of the popular software to make your old PC into a ThinClient.

Here’s the list of new features and the link to the download site.

ThinKiosk 2.0 is stuffed with new features and supported platforms, here’s a quick list: Continue reading “Thinkiosk 2.0 released”

Windows 2008R2 optimization guide for desktop virtualization with XenApp 6.0/6.5

CItrix has released a nice guide how to configure Windows 2008 R2 to be at it’s best for desktop virtualization with XenApp 6.0 and XenApp 6.5.

When considering desktop virtualization with Citrix FlexCast technologies, one method for delivering services to end-users is through the use of hosted shared desktops using Citrix XenApp. Hosted shared desktops can deliver a locked down, streamlined and standardized environment ideally suited for task workers where personalization is not required. Delivering hosted shared virtual desktop requires proper planning and configuration to maximize the scalability of server resources while providing users with an optimized and functional desktop environment. This document outlines optimizations for XenApp 6 on Windows Server 2008 R2 to meet these goals. Continue reading “Windows 2008R2 optimization guide for desktop virtualization with XenApp 6.0/6.5”

Citrix Receiver for HTML5 Tech Preview

Citrix Receiver for HTML5 Tech Preview enables users to access hosted desktops and applications provided by XenApp and AppController from the Google Chrome browser.

Please note that Google Chrome is the only browser supported for the Tech Preview.  Please read the Release Notes for other requirements and configuration details.

Important: Do not install Receiver for HTML5 Technical Preview in a production environment. Upgrades from this version are not supported. 

You can download the software here (requires a Citrix ID).

The release notes for this Tech Preview can be seen and downloaded here.

ICA and RDP Connections Fail After Installing Microsoft Patch MS12-024

Citrix has released yesterday a KB article stating the following regarding ICA and RDP connections failures after applying patch MS12-024.

When you apply Microsoft patch MS12-024 on a Windows Server 2003-based Terminal Server, Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections fail.

This is a known issue with Microsoft Windows 2003.


Microsoft released a patch on April 10, 2012 to address a security vulnerability issue with the operating system potentially allowing a remote code execution.

To review the information refer to

If you install this patch, you might experience an issue that ICA and RDP connections terminate on the server.


To correct the issue you can install the Microsoft Hotfix 938759 available at

You can read the complete article here.

What’s new in SMB 3.0 (a.k.a. 2.2)

Microsoft has released last week a blog post on the new features of the version (3.0) of SMB in Windows 8. Here are the new features listed.

To summarize, the following are some of the key new functionalities available with Windows Server 2012 SMB 3.0:

  • SMB for Server Applications – Many of the new SMB features are specifically designed for server applications that store the data on file shares—for example, database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server or virtualization software such as Hyper-V. This allows applications to take advantage of advances in storage management, performance, reliability, and cost efficiency that come with SMB to deliver an application storage solution that rivals traditional Fibre Channel storage solutions in features and capabilities, but remains easier to provision and less expensive to implement.

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Hardware & Storage Calculator

Andy Baker wrote a good post on the Citrix blogs about the Hardware and Storage calculator.

During your desktop transformation project, you’ll need to estimate hardware and storage requirements so that project costs can be calculated and the infrastructure can be ordered.  To provide an accurate estimate you’ll need to consider many different factors – including virtual desktops per host, virtual desktops per site, desktops per controller, users per XenApp Server, XenApp Servers per host, users per farm, hosts per resource pool, IOPS per VM and many others.

It’s a lot to consider – so where’s a good place to start?

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XenDesktop and Provisioning Services on vSphere 5

Scott Cochran wrote a good blog post on the Citrix blogs which this is the beginning.

I want to preface this post by saying if you are not interested in any backstory just skip down to the summary section for a wrap up…

Coming from a consulting background I learned the hard way that you always have to check the compatibility of all components in a project.  Since VMware released vSphere 5 many people found out the hard way that Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) was not supported on VMware’s latest hypervisor platform.  People without in-depth knowledge of the Citrix solution stack may have read XenDesktop 5 was supported on vSphere 5, but in reality that only meant when using Machine Creation Services (MCS).  This forced companies to have to make some hard decisions.  You could either go down the route of using MCS with vSphere 5, or go with Provisioning Services on vSphere 4.x.  Hopefully most customers consulted with their trusted Citrix advisor prior to making this

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New Citrix documentation Receiver Storefront 1.1 and Receiver for Windows 3.2

Citrix has released new documentation on 2 updated software releases.

You can find documentation on Receiver Storefront 1.1 here and the documentation for Receiver for Windows 3.2 can be accessed here.

Enjoy reading.