Access Gateway 10.0 build 54.6 Licensing issues

Access Gateway 10.0 build 54.6 disables all AG functionality if the hostname within the license file is anything other than “ns”. Note: This issue affects all Access Gateway 8.x and 9.x instances that upgrade to version 10.0 build 54.6.


The Access Gateway license file is locked to the hostname of the device, and at start up versions of Access Gateway, check for the existence of an appropriate license. If the licenses are found and are verified, the functionality is turned on. This applies to both the ICA Proxy capability of the Access Gateway platform licenses, as well as the advanced Access Gateway features turned on by the universal licenses.

Build 54.6 of 10.x (the first build of release 10.0) was found to have an issue with how the license files were parsed, which leads to all Access Gateway functionality being disabled. This is because the software is checking for the hostname “ns” within the license files, whereas in most production deployments the hostname of the device is always something that is environment specific, and is expected to match the hostname set for the device itself.


Citrix is currently working on a new build of Access Gateway 10.0 with a fix to address this issue. Until then, do not upgrade Access Gateway 9.x instances or NetScalers to version 10.0 where the Access Gateway capability is used.

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