Provisioning Services 5.6 SP3 Release Notes

Citrix has released SP3 for Provisioning Services 5.6.

You can download the service pack here.

BUG0262922: While a VHD file is being copied, its vDisk becomes “Private Mode” on the PVS console of another host.

BUG0285549 Targets HA failover or rebalancing may fail when multiple NIC’s are used for PVS on the servers.

BUG0284631: When target local cache fails over to server side, the cache mode in BNIStack and that in the database is not consistent.

BUG0284672 Streamprocess crashes when many targets login and reconnect, causing corruption on the booting target list

BUG0284389 Target randomly hangs at “No servers available for disk” message when booting many targets together and duplicate login request occurs

BUG0284386 StreamProcess randomly restarts if targets reconnect with invalid vdisk ID or as “unknown device” causing multiple “Record was not found” exceptions from DB access

BG0291849: Storage monitoring of Streamprocess should use different counters for READ/WRITE failures from pending read/write threads of a target

Active Directory

BUG0046851 In large environment, it takes 1-2 hours for AD group enumeration to complete in the console when they try and add groups. This issue is seen after upgrading to PVS 5.6

BUG0035424 Delay when attempting to add a group to farm administrators group in the PVS console

BUG0287057 When an AD group begins with $ it cannot be added

BUG0272660 Unable to run XDSW as a user from a different domain

BUG0289658 Mismatch Uppercase and Lowercase Domains cause the display of create AD account OU’s dropdown list not consistent.

Bug02884573 Not all domains show up in the domains list

Target Device

BUG0267926 Roaming profiles corrupted

BUG0034058 bnistack automatically configures the dedicated dump file causeing the file to be created on the local drive

BUG0284511 Maybe Slow shutdown/reboot of target devices with multiple partitions on vDisk

Security Fix

BUG0267586: This fix addresses a security vulnerability. For more information, please see CTX133039.

You can read the entire release notes here.

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