Is Isolating the PVS Streaming Traffic Really a Best Practice?

Nicholas Rintalan has written a blog post on the Citrix blogs about the need of seperating the PVS stream to a separate LAN segment.

Here’s a grab of his post:

Similar to what I did in my last article where I discussed fixed versus dynamic vDisks for PVS, let’s first examine what our public documentation says about this so-called best practice.  Our oldest technote on this matter was written in 2008 and it pretty much states that it’s a best practice for “several reasons” including “performance, growth and troubleshooting”.  Fair enough…let’s come back to that in a minute and dissect each of those reasons one by one.  Another article authored in 2011 details how to set up a multi-homed VM to separate ICA traffic from PVS and other traffic.  But it never goes into WHY one might want to do so or if it’s a best practice.  Maybe our latest and greatest XA+XD best practices whitepaper will provide us with all the answers (and this whitepaper is quite excellent by the way…if you haven’t read it already, you better get on it!).  At the bottom of page 50 we state: “Separate the PVS streaming traffic onto a dedicated network for large deployments or in situations where the network is saturated”. OK, that makes a little more sense.  But I still don’t understand why everyone seems to think they fall into this category or that this should always be done.  In fact, I contend that isolating or segmenting the PVS streaming traffic onto it’s own network is more trouble than it’s worth and should only be done in special situations. There I said it – it’s not a best practice in my opinion and the rule should be to consolidate and keep it simple…the exception should be to isolate the streaming traffic! Why?

You can read the complete post here.

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