Personal vDisk 5.6.5 release

What’s New in Personal vDisk 5.6.5

Citrix personal vDisk 5.6.5 includes a new registry and file-system architecture for
personal vDisks, which ensures better usability and application compatibility.
In previous releases, the part of a personal vDisk that stores applications, the .vhd file,
was mapped by default to the V: drive. In personal vDisk 5.6.5, the .vhd file no longer
requires a drive letter, so only one drive letter is used. By default, this is still P: and
stores the profile and other user data.
In addition, a new algorithm automatically adjusts the relative sizes of the two parts of
the vDisk (the space for applications and the space on P:) depending on how the vDisk
is used. For example, if a user installs several big applications on the personal vDisk so
space becomes limited, the application space is increased relative to the space on P:.
The overall size of the personal vDisk does not change. You can configure this feature.

For the complete administrator’s guide please click here.

Click here to download the update (requires a valid MyCitrix ID)

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