App Streaming version 6.7 available

Citrix has released today a new version of the App Streaming software.

Here are few specifics:
1.Streaming 64bit applications to 64bit platforms: This is a yet another definitive example of Citrix hearing you and expands our application compatibility
2.Enhanced SDK: For the customers that are using SDK to create profiles/packages for application streaming, we have expanded the APIs to be able to create browser plug-in’s, define rules, sign the packages and also manage services
3.Improved Scalability – In response to the market asks/speaks we have reduced the Single Server Scalability overhead significantly and this means ability to run more XenDesktops with Application Streaming than the previous version of Application Streaming.
For further detailed information on this release, check out the documentation page here.

Please note, we have updated both Citrix Streaming Profiler and Citrix Offline Plugin components. I take this opportunity to remind again that it’s not required to recreate the profiles/packages (though it’s preferred to reap the full benefits of changes in both the components), since we made the Citrix Offline Plug-in work with the previous version of profiles/packages, as always.

Download the Application Streaming profiler 6.7 here (MyCitrix ID required).

Download the Offline Plug-in 6.7 here (MyCitrix ID required)

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