New Receiver for IOS released

Citrix has released a new version of the Receiver for iOS (version 5.6.2). This version is now available in the App Store.

New or updated features are:

1. HTML5 application performance enhancement – some HTML5 applications report an extensive slowness while loading the application.  The fix addresses this delay to improve the speed with which the HTML5 applications launch.

2. Improved refresh applications experience – while Receiver is loading or refreshing the application during enumeration and a network error occurs, the Receiver would crash or display invalid error messages.  This addresses both the crashing issue and displays an appropriate error message.

3. Improved support for VDI-in-a-box – issue arises while tapping the logon button when using a WebInterface Account to log onto a VDI-in-a-box solution.  There was not response from the tapping on the logon button.  The logon experience was improved for VDI-in-a-b0x infrastructure.

Fixes in the release are:

1. Bug fixes related to the URL generator base configuration – several bugs for the processing of a URL generated configuration link were identified.  These issues are addressed in this release.  The URL Generator configuration tool is again supported for the iOS Receiver.

2. Fixed: Web Interface with Access Gateway authentication (blank screen) – after manually configuring a WebInterface plus an Access Gateway site, the logon procedure generates a blank screen instead of the Receiver Home Screen.

3. Fixed: Secure browse works consistently on cellular networks – the Secure Browse application within the Receiver would freeze or crash randomly on some cellular connections.

4. Fixed: XenDesktop and virtual keyboard launch – the virtual keyboard was popping up automatically even if dismissed.  The behavior was modified to honor the settings.

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