VMWare vSphere 5.1 announced

VMWare released today during VMWorld the new version of vSphere. Version 5.1 will be the new version.

Here are a few new features of this version:

vSphere 5.1 is VMware’s latest release of its industry-leadingvirtualization platform. This new release contains the followingnew features and enhancements:


Larger virtual machines – Virtual machines can grow twotimes larger than in any previous release to support even themost advanced applications. Virtual machines can now haveup to 64 virtual CPUs (vCPUs) and 1TB of virtual RAM (vRAM).

New virtual machine format – New features in thevirtual machine format (version 9) in vSphere 5.1 includesupport for larger virtual machines, CPU performancecounters and virtual shared graphics acceleration designedfor enhanced performance.


Flexible, space-efficient storage for virtualdesktop infrastructure (VDI) – A new disk formatenables the correct balance between space efficiency and I/Othroughput for the virtual desktop.


vSphere Distributed Switch – Enhancements such asNetwork Health Check, Configuration Backup and Restore,Roll Back and Recovery, and Link Aggregation ControlProtocol support and deliver more enterprise-class networkingfunctionality and a more robust foundation for cloud computing.

Read more about the new features here.

Compare the versions here at the VMWare website.


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