Synergy Barcelona presentations

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During the Synergy event in Barcelona the presentations given by there (and publically published by Citrix) will be collected and posted in this single post for your convenience.

Here’s the list of day 1:

Implementing and Troubleshooting StoreFront and Receiver for Windows

This session will cover the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Citrix Storefront in conjunction with Citrix Receiver to deliver applications and desktops to Windows devices.

XenDesktop Advanced Troubleshooting

This session will primarily focus on the key tools and advanced troubleshooting techniques used by Citrix support engineers when trying to solve complex Citrix XenDesktop issues. It will include an overview of support tools such as XDPing and XDDBDiag.

Planning, Implementing and Troubleshooting Provisioning Services 6.x

This session will begin with a brief discussion about planning a Citrix provisioning services install and the installation requirements, followed by in-depth troubleshooting information including log analysis, network trace analysis and the tools used by Citrix Technical Support to address common issues.

Troubleshooting Tools: How to Isolate and Resolve Issues in your XenApp and XenDesktop Environment More Rapidly

This year’s TechEdge session on troubleshooting tools will cover how to quickly define and troubleshoot problems in your Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop environment. We will look various tools offered by Citrix to help identify, analyse and resolve most common problems observed by Citrix Technical Support engineers.

Understanding and Troubleshooting ICA Session Initialisation and Citrix Hooking Architecture

This session will give an overview of different server-side components, including Microsoft binaries, involved in Citrix XenApp ICA session launch. The session will also cover application hooking and how Citrix has implemented it. Tips and tricks for troubleshooting the following issues will be provided: using network trace for connection, disconnection and reconnection; and using Windows Event Viewer to track session connection, disconnection and reconnection.

How your Business can Benefit from Exciting New Features in XenServer 6.1

Virtualisation penetration has surpassed 50% of all server workloads, and continues to grow. The competitive market for x86 server virtualisation infrastructure has matured, leading more enterprises to rethink their choices and consider multiple virtualisation infrastructures instead. Citrix XenServer is well established as the enterprise-ready, cloud-proven virtualisation platform with all the capabilities required to create and manage a virtual infrastructure. It is trusted by demanding organisations to run mission-critical applications and is used in the largest clouds. This technically focused session will enable attendees to get up to speed quickly and easily with the key features of XenServer 6.1. including our latest storage live migration technology to migrate VDIs regardless of what storage they are using, local or otherwise. We will also provide a glimpse into the next version of the product

How Your Business Can Benefit from Exciting New Features in VDI-in-a-Box v5.1

This session will take a look at the many new features introduced with Citrix VDI-in-a-Box 5.1 and discuss the reasons behind their introduction. Key new features that will be covered include personal desktops, Active Directory failover and enhanced logging.

Implementing and Troubleshooting EdgeSight

This session will provide a short overview of the EdgeSight 5.4 feature, followed by a presentation of the architecture. We will have a look at the SQL Server database structure and talk about reasons why your EdgeSight server might perform poorly. We will also talk about custom reporting.

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