XenApp 6.5 Application States (App States)

Mu fellow Citrite Nicholas Connolly has written a good and easy to read blogpost about XenApp 6.5 Application States. Here’s the first section of the blog.

The reason why I’m posting this blog is that I have been asked by a few times now by colleagues as to what app states are? I thought it makes sense to share with the wider community as it gives a better understanding in troubleshooting application connection issue.

Starting with XenApp 6.5 we have introduce a new tracking state for sessions. This additional value has been added to track the lingering and prelaunch states specifically and in addition for the purpose of sessions sharing. This is called the Application State, or just App State.  This information can be view in the Application Centre Console or via PowerShell commands SDKs.

First of all we are not trying to replace the existing remote desktop services session states; we are building on top of this to describe the various status of the application within the session. These application states will still apply active or disconnected.

The Application State is broken down into five different statuses:

  • N/A

Read the entire post here on the Citrix blogs.

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