Hotfix XS602E013 released for XenServer 6.0.2

Citrix has released the 13th hotfix for XenServer version 6.0.2.

This hotfix resolves the following issues:

  1. Customers may experience a loss of network connectivity, if the environment, across multiple VMs, is creating high network load. This is due to the VM being unable to send packets. However, ifconfig (run from the control domain – dom0) will show that packets are still sent to the VM.
  2. When using active-passive bond mode and receiving traffic on the passive interface, or when receiving VLAN packets, which do not have a VLAN ID configured in the control domain (dom0), the OOM kill error can occur and cause the XenServer host to crash.
  3. In rare circumstances, attempts to perform VM lifecycle operations can cause the storage subsystem to fail. When this occurs, the VM’s storage repository will become inaccessible.
  4. NFS connection timeouts can cause XenServer hosts to crash and reboot.
  5. After a High Availability (HA) failover on the pool master, the new pool master fails to reattach the HA statefile.

NOTE: This hotfix also contains improvements to the storage subsystem efficiency, especially when performing large number of concurrent storage operations.

In addition, this hotfix also includes fixes released in CTX132823 – Hotfix XS602E001 – For XenServer 6.0.2, CTX133166 – Hotfix XS602E003 – For XenServer 6.0.2, CTX133812 – Hotfix XS602E005 – For XenServer 6.0.2, CTX134479 – Hotfix XS602E007 – For XenServer 6.0.2, and CTX135303 – Hotfix XS602E011 – For XenServer 6.0.2.


You can download this latest hotfix here.

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