Hotfix CPVS61E016 for Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1

Citrix has released a new hotfix for Provisioning Services 6.1. This hotfix contains fixes for the console, server and target device software. Here’s what’s new in all three categories:

Console Issues

  1. In VMware ESX deployments, the XenDesktop Setup wizard can throw an exception, preventing users from setting up templates and machines properly.

    [From PVS610ConsoleWX86016, PVS610ConsoleWX64016][#LA2499]

  2. Selecting the Streamed image with Personal Vdisk option of the XenDesktop Setup wizard results in the creation of a fixed disk rather than a dynamic disk.

    [From PVS610ConsoleWX86016, PVS610ConsoleWX64016][#LA2501]

Server Issues

  1. When a NAS controller fails or a (temporary) network interruption occurs, target devices can take up to 20 minutes to recover. During that time, the target devices remain unresponsive.

    [From PVS610ServerWX86016, PVS610ServerWX64016][#LA2360]

  2. Stopping the license server causes target devices to attempt to fail over after about five minutes, rendering the Stream Service unresponsive in the process.

    [From PVS610ServerWX86016, PVS610ServerWX64016][#LA2497]

  3. The Stream Process (StreamProcess.exe) can exit unexpectedly when many target devices reconnect at the same time due to HA failover or rebalancing.

    [From PVS610ServerWX86016, PVS610ServerWX64016][#LA2576]

  4. Using Multiple Activation Key (MAK) activation, attempts to activate a target device from the Provisioning Services Console can fail with the following error: “Error IPC —- Command timeout. Error 0xE0070102.” The issue occurs if the local host name of the Provisioning Server contains lowercase letters.

    [From PVS610ServerWX86016, PVS610ServerWX64016][#LA2682]

  5. Stopping the Stream Service on a given Provisioning Server can render some target devices connected to that server unresponsive as failover to other servers does not occur.

    [From PVS610ServerWX86016, PVS610ServerWX64016][#LA2812]

Target Device Issues

  1. Target devices can randomly become unresponsive during shutdown. Memory dump indicate that the issue occurs while trying to obtain performance counters.

    [From PVS610TargetDeviceWX86016, PVS610TargetDeviceWX64016][#LA2463]

  2. Target devices can become unresponsive or experience a fatal exception, displaying a blue screen. The issue occurs when attempts to open a socket fail because a network interface is not ready or misconfigured. If the defaults provided by this fix do not fully resolve the issue, you can manually configure the number of retries and the delay time by setting the following registry keys:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesBNIStackParameters Name: SocketOpenRetryLimit Type: REG_DWORD Data: <range of 5 (default) to 40>

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesBNIStackParameters Name: SocketOpenRetryIntervalMS Type: REG_DWORD Data: <range of 200 (default) to 2000 (milliseconds)>

    [From PVS610TargetDeviceWX86016, PVS610TargetDeviceWX64016][#LA2483]

  3. When the target device uses the local disk for its write cache and the disk is full, users can experience various application or system errors. The device can become unresponsive, even experience a fatal exception, displaying a blue screen.

    [From PVS610TargetDeviceWX86016, PVS610TargetDeviceWX64016][#LA2546]

  4. When a target is set to use a gateway IP address obtained through DHCP, which is blank by default, the Provisioning Services target device driver overwrites the blank IP address obtained through DHCP with an incorrect entry of “”. The same incorrect entry is also added to the routing table. As a result, various routing or connection issues for the services and applications hosted by the target device can occur.

    [From PVS610TargetDeviceWX86016, PVS610TargetDeviceWX64016][#LA2669]

  5. Stopping the Stream Service on a given Provisioning Server can render some target devices connected to that server unresponsive as failover to other servers does not occur.

    [From PVS610TargetDeviceWX86016, PVS610TargetDeviceWX64016][#LA2812]

Download and read more about this hotfix here.

2 thoughts on “Hotfix CPVS61E016 for Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1”

  1. Jack,

    I was wondering if PVS 16 is culmulative in nature? I’m having some hypervisor enumeration issues with HF16.



  2. Hi Jeff,

    HF16 is culmulative in nature. It should have all previous fixes included.

    What kind of issues are you seeing again which were fixed in a previous HF?


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