LIMITED RELEASE – Hotfix XA650R01W2K8R2X64094 for XenApp 6.5

This hotfix is a direct result of a case I worked for with my customer and when I searched the internet I saw a lot of people with the same issue and all kinds of different workarounds. It’s the issue with the ctxsta.conf file not updating the unique STAID in this file at startup of a provisioned XenApp 6.5FP1 server. This can result in a lot of problems when using the server as a STA for your Access Gateway to resolve your applications and let users launch applications through a CAG.

Well guys, this is the fix that clears all workarounds wlEmoticon-openmouthedsmile.png.

Install this limited hotfix and the STA will get configured correctly with your provisioned XenApp 6.5FP1 servers. No need for auto delay start the XML service or scripts running at startup of your server.

You will need to logon with your My CitrixID to download the hotfix.

Download the hotfix here.

Also this KB article has been updated to reflect this new limited hotfix.

Hope you all agree with me that this is at last the fix you have been waiting for a long time for…

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