Book Review: Citrix XenMobile Device Management

2147ENI had the opportunity to review this book published by Packt Publishing and written by Akash Phoenix.

I have no affiliation with either the author nor Packt publishing.

This book takes you through the installation and configuration of all necessary products and explains it in simple layman’s terms(with pictures and clear text). Configuring NetScaler, licensing and certificates are discussed. Also some really basic troubleshooting steps are provided in the small but very easy to read book.

What I miss in this book is an in depth approach to all the features XenMobile has to offer. Troubleshooting chapter (1 page) is really basic and doesn’t provide anything you really need to check when the *@# hits the fan….

If you don’t have any understanding of Citrix XenMobile Device Management this is a must have to start with. Every step is clearly explained and detailed what to configure. For the more experienced Citrix XenMobile admin this book can be too easy and misses the depth for configuring and advanced troubleshooting of this great product.

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