Citrix App Studio Quick Deployment Guide

This article describes how to install Citrix App Studio using a very simple configuration. It includes an brief overview of Citrix App Studio’s basic deployment architecture followed by a guided walkthrough that shows how to set up the simplest possible configuration so you can get started using Citrix App Studio right away.

Basic Deployment Architecture

A Citrix App Studio basic deployment consists of an Active Directory domain, a Microsoft SQL Server, at least one Citrix App Studio management server, and servers running Citrix XenApp components. All servers need to be running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and must have .NET 4.0 installed and .NET 3.5 installed as a server role. They can be either physical machines or virtual machines running on one or more hypervisors.

The following diagram shows the components of a basic deployment:

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Citrix AppStudio

Citrix App Studio provides simple unified management of Citrix application and desktop delivery technologies. With App Studio, Citrix Service Providers can:

  • Manage multiple farms and provide tenants access to published resources through a single Web-based console
  • Offer tenants options for isolating resources, enabling tenants to access shared resources or providing tenants with private access
  • Monitor tenants and users and manage resource capacity
  • Deploy server or application updates without interrupting service to tenants
  • Offer App Studio as a service to customers that are already managed through Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager

You can find the documentation about this product here.

The FAQ about AppStudio can be found here.