Microsoft App-V 4.6 SP 2

Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 Service Pack 2 (App-V 4.6 SP2) provides new platform support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. This service pack also provides the latest security and stability enhancements to help keep computers running App-V up-to-date, reliable, and more secure. The goal of this service pack is to increase the overall quality of the existing product features while maintaining a high level of compatibility with previous releases.
Feature Summary:

  • Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 – App-V 4.6 SP2 adds support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop Services.
  • Support for Coexistence with App-V 5.0 Client – App-V 4.6 SP2 provides support for coexistence with the App-V 5.0 client.
  • Customer Feedback and Hotfix Rollup – App-V 4.6 SP2 also includes a rollup up of fixes to address issues found since the Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 SP1 release.

Download the Service Pack here.

Review Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide

A couple of weeks ago I posted a little contest to win this book (Microsoft Application Virtualization Advanced Guide). In the meanwhile I’ve been reading this ebook and I must say I’m impressed by the content.

This is an in-depth book on the use and features of Microsoft App-V technology. This book is a must read for packagers using App-V and for those who want to play with it or have a deep interest in this matter.

I’m a huge fan of clearing things up with the help of pictures (a picture can say a thousand words) but I must admit that the author has found a way to use the pictures to clarify and not to clutter the book with them.

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App-V For Servers beta: A Closer Look

Microsoft have released their beta version of App-V for Servers.  It is currently available as part of their SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager) 2010 beta release.  It is also due to be released with the latest version of Windows Azure.  Although this technology is to be initially bundled with these two products the technology will not be limited to these two products and can work just as well on its own. Continue reading “App-V For Servers beta: A Closer Look”

Microsoft Application Virtualization and Configuration Manager 2007 R2

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 and Microsoft Application Virtualization are an ideal combination for critical business projects faced by corporate IT.

Microsoft Application Virtualization adds a new dimension to application management by abstracting the application and its components from the operating system, dynamically delivering them, and running them in a virtualized environment. This results in significantly reduced Continue reading “Microsoft Application Virtualization and Configuration Manager 2007 R2”

App-V installation issues

Hi guys,

Been busy today with the installation and configuration of the App-V management console and sequencer.

The complete installation guide can be downloaded here.

During the installation i’ve encountered several errors. These errors are explained in the next paragraphs. Continue reading “App-V installation issues”

App-V, the best tool in your toolbox

Application virtualization helps to eliminate conflicts between applications, removes the need to install those applications on PCs, enables multiple versions of an application to coexist on the same machine and provides a faster, less intrusive way to deliver and update applications on demand. You can apply application virtualization to your local desktops, your RDS deployments, or your VDI desktops.

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App-V with Appsense

This week, Karri Alexion-Tiernan posted a blog on the Windows For Your Business blog about the value of using App-V.For those not familiar, App-V is Microsoft’s flagship Application virtualization solution that enables you (IT pros) to deploy applications based on user’s identity and role, providing a more efficient way to deliver and mange applications centrally. Product Manager AJ Smith talked about User State Continue reading “App-V with Appsense”