Best practices for upgrading to vSphere 5 in a Citrix Provisioning Environment


This article describes the steps for upgrading to vSphere 5 in a Citrix Provisioning environment.


  • A working Provisioning Services environment.
  • Admin access to Provisioning Services server.
  • Admin access to Provisioning Services targets.
  • Rights required to make changes to target devices and the host.


  • Reverse image vDisks.
  • Change NIC on target to VMXNet3.
  • Enable Interrupt Mode in Bootstrap used by target devices.
  • Upgrade host ESX server(s) to vSphere 5.
  • Upgrade VMware tools.
  • Reinstall Provisioning Services target software.
  • Create image of updated machine.
  • Reinstall XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent (if installed) while vDisk is in Private Mode.
  • Note: You can change vDisk to standard mode and deploy to targets.

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FAQ article for VirusScan Enterprise 8.8
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