How to configure StoreFront with Access Gateway 5.0.4 in Controller Mode

Citrix has released this cool video (apporx 30 min long) which shows you how to configure StoreFront with Access Gateway 5.0.4 in Controller Mode.

How to install Citrix Excalibur Tech Preview (part 5)

In the previous posts I have explained to you how to install the software and how you can create your first environment. Here’s the overview of the previous, current and yet to come posts and the Excalibur Tech Preview.

  1. What is Excalibur, prerequisites and overview of test lab setup
  2. Installation of Excalibur
  3. Configuring Excalibur (Studio)
  4. Configuration StoreFront
  5. Install Agent software on Windows 2012 machine <<Current page >>
  6. Configure Application
  7. Test published application and desktop (old XenApp)

In this post we are going to configure the Agent software for use with Excalibur on a Windows 2012 machine.

In this post I assume you already have installed a Windows 2012 server and are ready to install the Excalibur agent now.

Mount the Excalibur ISO in your VM and (if everything is correct) the auto launch will show this screen. Select the “Delivery Agent for Windows Machines” and let the installation begin. Continue reading “How to install Citrix Excalibur Tech Preview (part 5)”

How to install Citrix Receiver 3.3

Citrix has released Receiver 3.3 a while ago now. But every now and then I see that people are having difficulties with installing it.

Receiver 3.3 assumes that you are working with the new way of publishing apps and desktops. When you are still using the webplugin only (for use with Web Interface) and you are not publishing apps and desktops through StoreFront/ Cloudgateway then you can run into some “issues” with installing Receiver 3.3.

The provided solution is a workaround to bypass the “Enter your work or email or server address” message at the end of the installation.

Here’s what you see during the normal installation of the Receiver 3.3 downloaded straight from the Citrix downloads website. Continue reading “How to install Citrix Receiver 3.3”

Installing Citrix XenServer 6.0.2 hotfixes

When you have XenServer 6.0.2 installed before they pulled it from the download site (like me) you can choose to either re-install the new version ( or to download the 2 hotfixes Citrix has released. I choose the latter and I‘ll show you how you can install and upload the hotfixes to your XenServer.

First of all download the 2 hotfixes (XS602E001 and XS602E002) from the Citrix download page. Save the 2 files to a location of your choice.

For the best results and the least problems it’s best to update the XenServer 1 update at a time. So select 1 update per run.

Open XenCenter and go to “Tools’ and “Install software update”.

Click “Next” on the first screen to select the update. Continue reading “Installing Citrix XenServer 6.0.2 hotfixes”

reset Dell RAC card

Hi guys,

I’m at my customer and they needed the Dell Remote Access Card reset and a user added. Because of the need to do it straight away the server could not be rebooted. So I used the racadm tool to configure the DRAC NIC and add a user. Here’s how i did it.

Open the command line and go to the RAC directory. Usually it is something like this:

“C:Program FilesDellSysMgtRACx>”

Then give the following command (with a little time between the commands, otherwise the DRAC will give back errors): Continue reading “reset Dell RAC card”