Install-Upgrade PVS 6.1 target device software CPVS61E001 hotfix

This step-by-step guide shows you how to update-install your PVS 6.1 target device software to the latest version of Hotfix 1 (CPVS61E001).

1. From Provisioning Services Console, make sure no version of the virtual disk (vDisk) to be updated is currently in "Maintenance" access mode.

2. Right-click on the vDisk in the device collection or vDisk pool, then select "Versions…" from the context menu. The "vDisk Versions" dialog appears.

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Citrix PVS 6.1 HF1 (CPVS61E001) upgrade path

If you haven’t installed the latest hotfix for Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1 yet (be ashamed ). But not to worry when you are working with version 5.6 (or lower, again be ashamed…) you can upgrade your PVS server directly to PVS 6.1 with HF1. You do not need to install PVS 6.1 and then install HF1 over this installation. As the HF1 is a complete installation of your PVS software you can directly upgrade to this version.

For the target side you can install the target device software and copy a few files manually (when having the vDisk in maintenance mode) and your done.

You can read more about the patch here or see the installation step-by-step guide here.