Hotfix 3 installation guide (step-by-step)

As you could read in this post Citrix has released a patch/update for Provisioning Services version 6.1. This step-by-step guide helps you through the upgrade / installation process of this hotfix.

In contrast to the previous Hotfix (CPVS61E001) you don’t have to manually uninstall the Provisioning Services server and console before installing this fix. The Citrix developers have listened to the messages out of the field that this wasn’t a good update.

A footnote to this update is that if you don’t have HA / failover enabled or configured it’s best to patch the server within a maintenance window. Your PVS server will have to reboot.


These installation packages contains the complete Console and Server install and can be used in place of Hotfix CPVS61E003,

  • The user must have administrative rights to the Provisioning Services server.
  • The SCVMM Administrator Console must be installed alongside the Citrix Provisioning services Console when SCVMM virtual machine deployment is to be used.
  • The SCVMM Console must be the same version as the SCVMM server. This is the same requirement as XenDesktop Desktop Studio.
  • WinRM configurations are no longer required when using SCVMM.

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