Hotfix CPVS61E011 for Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1

Citrix has released 2 hotifxies for Provisioning Services 6.1. CPVS61E011 and CPVS61E014. Issues resolved in hotfix CPVS61E014 can be found here.

Issue(s) Resolved in this Hotfix (CPVS61E011)

This hotfix addresses the following issue reported against Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1, 6.0, 5.6 Service Pack 3 releases:

BUG322639 Targets randomly fail to download the bootstrap file in an environment with possible packet loss.

The root cause is that both the PVS target, Citrix PVS TFTP Service or Citrix PVS Two-Stage Boot Service use the same timeout value of 5 seconds for the request and reply. Therefore if the server reply is randomly lost in the network the resending reply occurs after the PVS target timeouts.

The fix is to reduce the default server-side timeout to 1 second. You may configure the timeout to be as high as 4 seconds. Continue reading “Hotfix CPVS61E011 for Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1”