Citrix Diagnostics Toolkit

The Citrix Diagnostic Toolkit is a collection of applications and utilities used for troubleshooting commonly reported problems. C.D.T. includes execution scripts created specifically to automate tasks that a support engineer would have a customer perform to generate data files used to determine root cause of a problem report.

A key benefit is reducing the diagnostic time by expediting delivery of diagnostic data to Citrix Support for analysis.

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Citrix auto support now available


Citrix Auto Support, which is available to use now (an earlier version was known as TaaS). The tool we as support experts use is now open for all!

This is kind of a big deal, so I hope you’ll read to the end.

Citrix Auto Support is a simple, online troubleshooting platform and health-checker for your Citrix environment.  It’s exactly the same tool that our own tech support experts use every day to diagnose and fix hundreds of known issues. And now we’re making it available to all of our customers.

How does it work?  An easy, 3-step process

1. Upload the log file – Just sign in with your Citrix ID (or create one, its free) and upload your log file.

2. Wait a few minutes – the file will be parsed and measured against hundreds of parameters. You’ll receive an email telling you that the results are ready.

3. Review the results

  1. An easy red/amber/green list of issues and actions, such as:
    • Known issue detection
    • Best practice recommendations
    • Existing patches
    • System update information
    • Crash dump analysis (for NetScaler)
  2. A snapshot of your entire environment Servers, versions, settings, CPU usage, storage, etc.

The products it supports. XenServer, XenDesktop, NetScaler and now XenApp (beta).

Citrix Auto Support is free and waiting for your log file uploads. Give it a go.

With many thanks to David McGeough (Citrix Auto Support Marketing Manager) for this.

File Replication Service Diagnostics Tool

FRSDiag provides a graphical interface to help troubleshoot and diagnose problems with the File Replication Service (FRS). FRS is used to replicate files and folders in the SYSVOL file share on domain controllers and files in Distributed File System (DFS) targets. FRSDiag helps to gather snap-shot information about the service, perform automated tests against that data, and compile an overview of possible problems that may exist in the environment.

You can download the tool from the Microsoft download page here.


HyperV_Mon updated release

HyperV_Mon is a free tool for monitoring and diagnosing performance issues with Hyper-V.

After prompting from a user with a lot more processors then the test systems here, I updated the HyperV_Mon tool to handle resizing in general, and to adjust the root partition processor display.  This new version is a minor release (1.8.0).

In the works will be a version 2.0 that will look at 2008 R2 with SP1 changes.  This should come out in Q1 of next year.

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