XenClient Enterprise 4.5.1 documentation

Citrix has released new documentation regarding XenClient Enterprise 4.5.1.

Here’s an overview of this documentation:


XenClient Enterprise 4.1 released

Citrix has released XenClient Enterprise version 4.1.

You can download the latest version of XenClient Enterprise at the Citrix Download center. A My Citrix ID is neccesary for access to the downloads.

Documentation on this new version can be found here.

XenClient Enterprise Quick Start Guide CTX132546
XenClient Enterprise Engine – Installation Guide CTX132542
XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer – Installation Guide CTX132543

Recording available webinar “Citrix acquires Virtual Computer”

The recording of the Citrix webinar about what’s new and the acquisition of Virtual Computer by Citrix is available for online viewing.

After entering your email address you can view the session online. Go here to view this recording.

XenClient enterprise

XC-Logo-BlogCitrix has announced, with the acquisition of Virtual Computer, the enterprise version of XenClient. Citrix is excited and eager to incorporate the best features from Virtual Computer’s NxTop client hypervisor with Citrix XenClient. The combined product will be called XenClient Enterprise and will be available by the end of next month.

Below are a couple videos that will give you a quick preview of some of the features in XenClient Enterprise. These videos focus on the mature and scalable server management software, which provide an easy  way to create and deploy virtual desktops, automate backups, remote wipe lost devices, rollout updates, and recover from disasters, all while providing top tier security.

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