1Y0-A20 exam prep material

For my 1Y0-A20 XenApp 6.5 administration exam I’ve used a lot of knowledge base articles and other resources besides the self paced online course (courtesy of my employer).

This is a great document which shows all ports used by all Citrix products. Not only useful for an exam but also for troubleshooting purposes.

Go through the free XenApp 6.5 overview training from Citrix Education and read the 1Y0-A20 Preparation Guide from Citrix.

Here are the most useful kb articles and other free online resources I used to prepare for this exam. Continue reading “1Y0-A20 exam prep material”

Citrix Access Gateway and VDI-in-a-Box – Firewall Exceptions

Communication between end-points and the CAG

All traffic between end-points (users) and the CAG is tunneled securely over SSL. This applies throughout the entire process from user authentication to desktop delivery.

• TCP Port 80 (used for redirection to 443)

• TCP Port 443 Continue reading “Citrix Access Gateway and VDI-in-a-Box – Firewall Exceptions”