How to install Citrix Excalibur Tech Preview (part 1)

Citrix has released the Tech Preview of Excalibur recently (beginning of November). This new version is a melt between XenDesktop and XenApp as we know it now. So for all of the XenApp fans I must disappoint you…. No more XenApp!!!

My idea is to cut it up in a couple of blog posts to keep it from being one big long, and not fun to read, post. So I split it up in a couple of posts which I will be spreading over a few days.

  1. What is Excalibur, prerequisites and overview of test lab setup <Current page >>
  2. Installation of Excalibur
  3. Configuring Excalibur (Studio)
  4. Configuration StoreFront
  5. Install Agent software on Windows 2012 machine
  6. Configure Application
  7. Test published application and desktop (old XenApp)

So to begin with the first part of the series straight away is a brief overview of what Excalibur is, the prerequisites and how my little test lab is setup.

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IMA Helper Tool

IMA Helper is designed to facilitate the process of running DSMAINT CONFIG on XenApp servers. The tool provides a Graphical User Interface for DSMAINT CONFIG to the XenApp Administrator.

Other Features

  • Password field is hidden (for privacy concerns)
  • Real-time IMA Status Monitor
  • Easy RecreateLHC button
  • Easy Recreate DSN File button

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IMA Modules to Select when Capturing a CDF Trace for a Universal Print Server (UPS) Issues

This article contains information regarding the CDF modules available for selection when capturing a Citrix Diagnostic Facility (CDF) trace for Citrix Universal Print Server (UPS) issues.


CDF Control utility is available at:


Ensure all the prerequisite components are installed and basic troubleshooting is performed prior to capturing a CDF trace.


To capture a CDF trace for Citrix Universal Print Server (UPS) Issues, perform the following tasks:

How to Enable Full Page Heap for the IMA Service


The IMA Service sometimes becomes unresponsive or crashes because of a heap corruption.


Heap corruption results from application coding mistakes or corrupt external data.

Although various hotfixes exist, it is not always possible to identify which module (Citrix or non-Citrix) is responsible for heap corruption because the effects of heap corruption usually reveal themselves over time. Continue reading “How to Enable Full Page Heap for the IMA Service”