App-V installation issues

Hi guys,

Been busy today with the installation and configuration of the App-V management console and sequencer.

The complete installation guide can be downloaded here.

During the installation i’ve encountered several errors. These errors are explained in the next paragraphs. Continue reading “App-V installation issues”

New MS Knowledgebase articles for week 44

Hi guys,

Here’s the overview of new knowledgebase articles from Microsoft products. Continue reading “New MS Knowledgebase articles for week 44”

KB articles for week 42 2010

Hi guys,

here’s the weekly overview from the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles: Continue reading “KB articles for week 42 2010”

NLA support for Remote Desktop on Windows XP SP3

CredSSP is a new Security Support Provider (SSP) that is available in Windows XP SP3 by using the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI). CredSSP enables a program to use client-side SSP to delegate user credentials from the client computer to the target server. (The target server is accessed by using server-side SSP). Windows XP SP3 involves only the client-side SSP implementation. The client-side SSP implementation is currently being used by Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.1 Terminal Services (TS). Continue reading “NLA support for Remote Desktop on Windows XP SP3”