Citrix License Server for Windows upgrade

Here’s a step by step upgrade guide for upgrading the Citrix License Server to version 11.10. This guide is written based on a Windows 2008 R2 server.

Go to the Citrix download page and logon with your Citrix ID and download the latest version of the installation files here.

Important: Before starting the upgrade it is always recommended that you have a backup of your license files and server. You can find the license files in the installation directory and then the “MyFiles” folder.

You can check which version of the License Server you have running now by starting the License Server webpage and going to the “Administration” button and logon. You now see the following screenshot (figure 1) which shows the version number.

upgrade LS01

Figure 1

Start the CTX_Licensing installer package on the License Server and select “Upgrade” (Figure 2).

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New documentation for Citrix Licensing 11.10 and Desktop Director 2.1

Citrix has released new documentation on License Server 11.10 and Desktop Director 2.1.

New documentation for Citrix Licensing version 11.10 can be found here.

New documentation for Citrix Desktop Director version 2.1 can be found here.

What’s new in Citrix Licensing version 11.10:

What’s New

License Server VPX. A self-contained Linux-based virtual appliance that allows you to easily deploy licensing in your Citrix environment. You can bring the appliance online by:

•Importing the appliance to your host or pool of hosts.

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