Citrix Operations Guide – Monitoring

Citrix has released a new operations guide on monitoring.

After a new XenDesktop, XenApp or Provisioning Services environment has been designed and rolled out to production, ongoing monitoring is required. Monitoring the new environment enables administrators to address issues proactively. By having an in-depth understanding of current and expected behavior of the various components, administrators are better equipped to discover an issue before it impacts the user community. Furthermore the data tracked during normal operations can be used for trending and capacity planning.

Citrix recommends implementing a monitoring solution, which covers all aspects of an IT environment and allows aggregating all captured data within a single tool or console. This simplifies correlating events or counters of multiple components and enables administrators to easily get an end to end overview. This can decrease the time required to determine the root cause of an issue significantly.

The remaining sections of this document identify the components, performance counters and events which should be monitored during normal operations. Furthermore basic remediation strategies will be provided. Continue reading “Citrix Operations Guide – Monitoring”

Visio 2010 add-in to monitor disk space

Hi guys,

Microsoft has a new product to keep track of your diskspace with te use of Visio.

The Visio 2010 add-in for Disk Space Monitoring provides a graphical view of free space available in the server machines on a network. This add-in has a client and a server component. The client component requires Visio professional 2010 or Visio Premium 2010 and the server component requires SharePoint Server 2010. The client component of the add-in uses the new data graphics feature of Visio 2010 to display the results of server monitoring and integrates with the System Center Operations Manager 2007 to get the disk free space details. The server component makes it possible to publish the data linked diagram to SharePoint Server 2010 and refresh it in real-time for broader consumption.


The Visio Add-in for Disk Space Monitoring is available for download at the Microsoft-website. There is a x86 and a x64-version, both are 2MB in size. Besides the add-ins Microsoft also offers through the site a clear how-to for the installation and use of the Add-in.

Windows Server: Proactive Windows Server Maintenance

All too often, server maintenance is an afterthought. It ends up being the steps we take in the wake of a disaster or as part of a reactive troubleshooting effort. By considering maintenance tools and techniques through a proactive lens, however, you can address potential issues before they become problems. You have considerable opportunities to save time, money and, most importantly, headaches. Continue reading “Windows Server: Proactive Windows Server Maintenance”

HyperV_Mon updated release

HyperV_Mon is a free tool for monitoring and diagnosing performance issues with Hyper-V.

After prompting from a user with a lot more processors then the test systems here, I updated the HyperV_Mon tool to handle resizing in general, and to adjust the root partition processor display.  This new version is a minor release (1.8.0).

In the works will be a version 2.0 that will look at 2008 R2 with SP1 changes.  This should come out in Q1 of next year.

Click on the image to jump to the tools section of the TMurgent website Continue reading “HyperV_Mon updated release”