XenDesktop 7 Features and Entitlements

Citrix has released a cool overview about the features and entitlements around the new XenDesktop 7 version which is going to be released.

Windows apps and desktops anywhere

Check the other matrix overviews here at the Citrix webpage.

Access Gateway licensing demystified

Access Gateway discussed in this blog is the Access Gateway based on NetScaler, which is popularly referred to as Access Gateway Enterprise. Citrix has recently announced End of Life for all non-NetScaler based Access Gateway platforms, which then makes Enterprise edition, the de-facto Access Gateway.

In this blog, Prashant Batra will discuss the two license types used on your Access Gateway appliance, the two kinds of vServers you can set up to leverage these licenses to provide standard / advanced functionalities, and an example scenario towards the end, to help illustrate these concepts in a real scenario.

License Types

Access Gateway is licensed at two levels:

  • Platform License
  • Universal License

Platform Licenses

Every Access Gateway (VPX/MPX) comes with a Platform license, which enables all the basic functionality in Access Gateway. After purchasing an appliance, this license is automatically made available in your MyCitrix account, and can be easily downloaded and installed on your appliance.

Platform licenses can be used to provide seamless access to:

  • ICAProxy access to XenApp / XenDesktop, using Web Interface
  • ICAProxy access to XenApp / XenDesktop, using Storefront (CloudGateway Express)

Read the rest of Prashant Batra’s blog here on the Citrix blogs.

PVS and the forgotten antivirus exclusions

My fellow Citrite Dimitrios Samorgiannidis has written an excellent post on what the correct anti-virus exclusions are for a PVS environment. Here’s the first paragraph of his blog on the Citrix blogs.

It should be noted that there are some different file names for various OS, and that some files doesn’t exist for some versions. I have tried to document everything as good as possible based upon some notes that I have taken over the years – however I still recommend that you review the recommendation below so they actually match your system. It should also be noted that some of the exclusions depends for example on the setup used, default paths, operating systems in combination with product version etc.

A few recommended Server Side file exclusions.

C:WindowsSystem32driversCVhdBusP6.sys => (PVS 6.1)

C:WindowsSystem32driversCVhdBus2.sys => (PVS 5.6)

C:WindowsSystem32driversCFsDep2.sys => (PVS 5.6 and PVS 6.1)

C:Program FilesCitrixProvisioning ServicesBNTFTP.EXE => (PVS 5.6 and PVS 6.1)

C:ProgramDataCitrixProvisioning ServicesTftpbootARDBP32.BIN => (PVS 5.6 and PVS 6.1)

D:Store => ( i.e. local vdisk store)

Read the entire list of exclusions here.


XenDesktop license models explained

There are two licensing models available for XenDesktop customers, User/Device and Concurrent.

User/Device Licenses

XenDesktop User/Device licenses provide customers with the maximum flexibility of assigning a single license to either a user or a device. and supports both license types in the same environment. The license server contains the intelligence to automatically assign these licenses to users or devices based on usage.

  • User licensing gives users access to their virtual desktops and apps from an unlimited number of devices.

Synergy Barcelona presentations

Hi guys,

During the Synergy event in Barcelona the presentations given by there (and publically published by Citrix) will be collected and posted in this single post for your convenience.

Here’s the list of day 1: Continue reading “Synergy Barcelona presentations”

1Y0-A20 exam prep material

For my 1Y0-A20 XenApp 6.5 administration exam I’ve used a lot of knowledge base articles and other resources besides the self paced online course (courtesy of my employer).

This is a great document which shows all ports used by all Citrix products. Not only useful for an exam but also for troubleshooting purposes.

Go through the free XenApp 6.5 overview training from Citrix Education and read the 1Y0-A20 Preparation Guide from Citrix.

Here are the most useful kb articles and other free online resources I used to prepare for this exam. Continue reading “1Y0-A20 exam prep material”

CPU family, model and stepping overview

I was investigating a problem for a customer and he gave me the processor model and family. I therefor went on a search on the world wide internet for a reference from the model and family to the CPU type.

I found this webpage and I created the following table. So all the kudos to the original poster.

I sorted this table on the CPU stepping column.

If you have addition to this list don’t hesitate to contact me or the poster on the original webpage.

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MCITP overview

Hi guys,

Here’s an overview of all the MCITP tracks available at this time. Continue reading “MCITP overview”