XenApp 6.5 servers reboot when not part of a reboot policy

XenApp 6.5 servers are rebooting and they are not attached to a reboot policy. Servers may reboot when a reboot policy is created, but there are no servers assigned to the policy. The following entry in the eventlogs are written.

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Citrix policy reference sheet

Starting with XenApp 6 and XenDesktop 5, policies configure many User and Machine based settings. This reference can assist in planning and troubleshooting policies in XenApp and XenDesktop deployments.

Go here to download this cool reference sheet and get to know a lot more abouth the different policy settings.

Install a .REG file without using REGEDIT.EXE

This is pure VBScript code, that also works when access to REGEDIT is denied by policy. Can be easily called from loginscripts. Not feature-complete (only strings and DWORDs) but works with most .REG files. Continue reading “Install a .REG file without using REGEDIT.EXE”