How to install Citrix Excalibur Tech Preview (part 1)

Citrix has released the Tech Preview of Excalibur recently (beginning of November). This new version is a melt between XenDesktop and XenApp as we know it now. So for all of the XenApp fans I must disappoint you…. No more XenApp!!!

My idea is to cut it up in a couple of blog posts to keep it from being one big long, and not fun to read, post. So I split it up in a couple of posts which I will be spreading over a few days.

  1. What is Excalibur, prerequisites and overview of test lab setup <Current page >>
  2. Installation of Excalibur
  3. Configuring Excalibur (Studio)
  4. Configuration StoreFront
  5. Install Agent software on Windows 2012 machine
  6. Configure Application
  7. Test published application and desktop (old XenApp)

So to begin with the first part of the series straight away is a brief overview of what Excalibur is, the prerequisites and how my little test lab is setup.

What is Excalibur Continue reading “How to install Citrix Excalibur Tech Preview (part 1)”

Powershell script to pre-download prerequisites

Hi guys,

I spotted this script on the web ( and wanted to share it with you all.

This script will download all files required by Prerequisiteinstaller.exe in advance, in order to support an ‘offline’ installation of SharePoint 2010 (that is, on a server without Internet connectivity, as is often the case). Normally it will attempt to download any missing files, which of course doesn’t help you if your server can’t browse the Internet. Thankfully, PrerequisiteInstaller.exe also accepts command-line switches to allow installation from a locally-accessible file for each respective hotfix/prerequisite.

The script contains a list (current as of this writing) of the URLs for each prerequisite, and attempts to download them all in sequence. It uses the BitsTransfer module included with Windows 7 and Win2008 (R2, at least), but hasn’t yet been tested on other OSes yet.

Download the powershell script and the AutoSPInstaller.

Just to make it clear I didn’t write these scripts but i found it on te web. Here’s a link to the creators website.

For more information about how to use the script and installer. Check this page.

That’s it for now and until next time.