Vulnerability in Citrix XenApp could result in denial of service

Severity: Low

Description of Problem

A vulnerability has been identified in Citrix XenApp that, when triggered, could result in a denial of service.

This vulnerability is present in all versions of Citrix XenApp, formerly known as Presentation Server, up to and including version 6.5.

Mitigating Factors

In order to trigger this vulnerability, an attacker would need to be able to directly access the XenApp server. When deployed according to established best practice, the XenApp server would not be directly exposed and an Internet-based attacker would not be able to trigger this vulnerability.

What Customers Should Do

A hotfix has been released to address this issue. Citrix recommends that affected customers install this hotfix, which can be downloaded from the following locations:

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qfarm /load command doesnt ‘give any output

Problem Definition

A customer reported that there was no output when using the qfarm /load command on a Presentation Server 4.5 farm with Hotfix Rollup pack 7. However, the customer received an output when using the other commands such as qfarm /online.

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