How to set a unique STA ID in XenApp 6.5 provisioned environment

In a XenApp 6.5 provisioned environment the STA (Secure Ticket Authority) ID is not unique. This is because when a XenApp 6.5 (provisioned) is rebooted the NIC (Network Interface Card) has not completely started and loaded and is not functional when the Citrix services start. Therefor the STA ID is not changed with the MAC Address of the provisioned server (as expected).


Open the Target Device in Read/Write mode and change the startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start) for Citrix XML Service.

You can find the original KB article here.

Internet Explorer becomes unresponsive on provisioned Virtual Machine

Internet Explorer becomes unresponsive when accessing a Flash enabled website from a XenDesktop provisioned Virtual Machine on a Windows 7 endpoint. Windows Application Event log on endpoint shows Event 56, ‘Server-side Flash rendering will be used if available’:

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