Windows 8 download from Technet

Late last night in the Netherlands Microsoft released the download of Windows 8 for TechNet subscribers. I’ve downloaded the versions that where available to me. Only thing I noticed is that Microsoft keeps limiting the number of keys you can request for testing.

I build and rebuild my labs on a fairly regular basis. Problem is that my labs are more then 180 days online so you get those annoying messages that your software isn’t licensed and what not more. I know Microsoft is scared of users installing these versions on regular machines for daily use but restricting it to 3 keys is just plain stupid. In the past you could request up to 14 keys per version and now your stuck with 3. Come on Microsoft, I hope you come to your senses and make more keys available to use testers and early adapters of your software for testing various software.

Now that I’m done with my complaint I’m going to check out Win 8 in combination with Citrix Receiver and other software soon. Keep an eye out for more posts to come.

Android Receiver 3.1 is now available!

The new Receiver for Android 3.1 can now be downloaded from the This new release brings with it the following enhancements:

– Support for CloudGateway 1.x and 2.0

– Encryption using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

– Automatic Receiver redirect to different Access Gateway

– Simplified logon, with option to use email addresses

– Available for Korean OS

– Enhanced Graphics

– Support for Citrix ShareFile (tablets only)

– Improved two-factor authentication

– Support for Embedded WebView and VPN

Online documentation

For Android Receiver 3.1 – click here

Download link

For Android Receiver 3.1 – click here (need mycitrix logon)

Citrix NetScaler version 10 available

Citrix® NetScaler® 10 nCore
The footprint of IT is being rapidly expanded by the end-user. In a world of ever growing BYOD and SaaS applications, IT executives need flexibility to meet growing business demands and IT managers need a platform they can trust to grow with the coming explosion of data travelling across the network.
NetScaler 10 scales capabilities such as load balancing, security and acceleration to new unbounded levels while at the same time reducing the need for those expensive and massively time consuming forklift upgrades. Only Citrix allows you to scale and consolidate without compromise.

Key New Features:

  • Clustering of HA pairs for capacity increase with no new hardware
  • Clustering multiple appliances for straightforward scaling all the way to 32x

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