Add a USB disk to a XenServer

I’ve been playing around and setting up my home lab (see another post coming up) to create my own test lab for Citrix.

I’ve got a 1 TB disk in my server but it runs out of diskspace very quickly when you are creating multiple VM’s and test machines. So I thought why not attach an extra USB disk to my server. In this way I can place some XenDesktop machines on the external drive and keep the internal drive for my permanent test VM’s.

Well that was easier thought than executed.

I’ve connected my USB disk to the server and did a “fdisk –l” to see if the USB disk was recognized.

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McAfee DAT Update: EOL for V1 DAT Files Mar 31, 2010

March 31, 2010 will be the last day V1 DATs will be transmitted.

On April 1, 2010, McAfee Labs will no longer produce or ship V1 DATs. THIS MEANS THAT ANY V1 ENABLED PRODUCT WILL FAIL TO UPDATE DAT FILES.

Product Versions Affected and Reaching EOL on Mar 31, 2010
– McAfee Email & Web Security Virtual Appliance, Ver. 5.0
– McAfee PortalShield, Ver. 1.0.1
– McAfee SecurityShield, Ver. 1.0
– McAfee Email Gateway, Ver. 6.7.1 HF6
– McAfee Email Edge Gateway, Ver. 2.7.0
– McAfee WebShield SMTP, Ver. 4.5MR3

McAfee recommends moving to the latest supported product version. Please refer to the following McAfee information for more details:

KB60992 (List of which products and versions use V1 vs. V2 DAT files; products with custom support through Dec 31, 2010)

KB60404 (Basic information on V1 & V2 DAT files (Names.dat, Scan.dat, Clean.dat)) 

McAfee Product End of Life (EOL) List and EOL Policy