Not able to create file or folder on root of USB device

Today I was faced with the following issue.

In my XenApp 6.5 environment I wanted to create a folder in the root of my USB drive I connected to my client. The drive was redirected properly and without any issues. Problem however was that I was unable to create a new folder of file in the Windows Explorer view. I right clicked in the root of my USB drive but no option to create a new folder or file. Strangely enough I could copy paste a file or folder to the root of the drive. So no write protection set in place.

Here’s how my explorer looked like. Continue reading “Not able to create file or folder on root of USB device”

Windows 8 shutdown/restart option

Hi guys,

The Windows 8 preview is now out for a couple of days. Anyone wonder where the shutdown/ restart button went?

Well don’t search no more. It’s been hidden a bit. But i’ll explain where it went.

Go in the Metro skin to the left down corner and select settings. From there you’ll see on the right hand side a column appearing. Select the power option and you can choose between the shutdown and restart option. Here are some screenshots how to shutdown or restart the windows 8 computer. Continue reading “Windows 8 shutdown/restart option”

File Server Capacity Tool v1.2- (64 bit)

Hi guys,

While surfing the net I found a nice tool that I didn’t want to keep from you. It is called File Server Capacity Tool v1.2- (64 bit). You can download it here and a description is found below.

File server capacity planning and performance troubleshooting are critical aspects of high-level network administration. File server capacity planning tools can be valuable in choosing new hardware for purchase, identifying the capacity of existing hardware, locating existing bottlenecks, Continue reading “File Server Capacity Tool v1.2- (64 bit)”

Recommended Updates for Group Policy in Windows Client and Server Products

Hi guys,

This article summarizes the recommended hotfixes and updates for issues that occur in an Active Directory environment using Windows Group Policies or Windows Group Policy Preferences.

NOTE: The list below is not intended to act as a comprehensive list of all available hotfixes for Group Policy or Group Policy Preferences.
This list is an aggregate of common issues seen with Group Policy or Group Policy Preferences. Do not proactively install the following hotfixes unless needed. If you feel you are experiencing an issue listed below, install the hotfix for that specific issue.

Continue reading “Recommended Updates for Group Policy in Windows Client and Server Products”

How to Audit Configuration Manager 2007 Activities

In most of large System Center Configuration Manager 2007 environment different Administrators can manage the IT environment using their Administrative accounts using System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Console that is locally installed on their PCs, while the IT manager want to audit and track different Configuration Manager activities done by which of Configuration Manager Administrator and in which time. Continue reading “How to Audit Configuration Manager 2007 Activities”

VMM Ports and Protocols

When you install the System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) server, you can assign some of the ports that it will use for communications and file transfers between the VMM components. While it is a best security practice to change the default ports, not all of the ports can be changed through VMM. The default settings for the ports are listed in the following table.  Continue reading “VMM Ports and Protocols”

Role-Based Security in SCVMM

Beginning with System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2008, VMM implements role-based security to provide finer control over who can do what within the virtualized environment. This security model supports delegated administration, which was not available in VMM 2007. Self-service user roles replace the self-service policies that were used to administer virtual machine self-service in VMM 2007.

A user role defines a set of operations (grouped in a profile) that can be performed on a selected Continue reading “Role-Based Security in SCVMM”

Shadow Copy eating up all your diskspace?

Hi Guys,

Had a little problem on my server and desktop that VSS was eating up all of my diskspace. If you have this problem just run this command (in Administrator Mode CMD prompt) and you’ll get youre diskspace back. Continue reading “Shadow Copy eating up all your diskspace?”

Windows Server: Proactive Windows Server Maintenance

All too often, server maintenance is an afterthought. It ends up being the steps we take in the wake of a disaster or as part of a reactive troubleshooting effort. By considering maintenance tools and techniques through a proactive lens, however, you can address potential issues before they become problems. You have considerable opportunities to save time, money and, most importantly, headaches. Continue reading “Windows Server: Proactive Windows Server Maintenance”