Microsoft SQL 2012 known issues with Citrix products

Citrix is committed to ensuring compatibility with the latest Microsoft SQL Server Releases

This document outlines issues and their known workarounds that users of Microsoft SQL 2012 RTM (Release to Manufacturing) must be aware of in conjunction with the following Citrix products:

XenDesktop 5.0 Service Pack 1
XenDesktop 5.5
SmartAuditor 1.3

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Free E-Book–Introducing SQL Server 2012

If you are looking to have a book on hand whilst getting to grips with SQL Server 2012 then you’ll be interested in the free E-book currently being offered by MS Press and written by Ross Mistry (@RossMistry) and Stacia Misner (@StaciaMisner). You can download the PDF version of this title here (288 pages; 10.8 MB).



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